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Big East Basketball Power Rankings: Pitt Can't Escape Basement

After a long season of Big East football rankings, Andrew over at The UConn Blog has agreed to again run a basketball version. Real life commitments prevented me from weighing in for the first one last week, but I was able to mash together rankings for this week.

It's far more difficult to get a handle on the basketball rankings than it is for football. There's not only twice as many games, but there's twice as many teams in the Big East. Plus, it's hard to keep up with every mid-week game as opposed to football when most are on the weekends.

So a brief disclaimer - this bracket is utter garbage. That said, the Cardiac Hill ballot is after the jump ... and it ain't pretty for Pitt.

1. Syracuse
2. Georgetown
3. Marquette
4. Seton Hall
5. UConn
6. West Virginia
7. Cincinnati
8. Louisville
9. Notre Dame
10. South Florida
11. Rutgers
12. Villanova
13. DePaul
14. St. John's
15. Providence
16. Pitt

I don't actually believe that Pitt is the worst team in the conference, but as I've said before, power rankings are more a product of how teams are playing. And while Pitt has gotten a bit better lately, they're still the only team without a conference win.

So, Pitt deserves to take some lumps until they actually start winning a few games.

Check out The UConn Blog later this week for the full results.