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Pitt-Georgetown: Will 2008 Big East Tournament Repeat Itself?

No one expects Pitt to beat Georgetown. And yet, I remember another time when Pitt and Georgetown met up and the Hoyas seemed like the clear favorites. Great times were had by all (well, expect for Georgetown fans).

Going into Saturday's matchup, Pitt has essentially nothing to lose at this point. An NCAA berth is extremely unlikely, barring some bizarre UConn-like run through the rest of the regular season and Big East tournament. But the Panthers have some momentum after finally winning a game (albeit against a really bad Providence team) and this team was actually almost Pitt-like in the victory. It's obvious, but I'll say it: With Tray Woodall in the lineup, this is the Pitt team most of us were expecting throughout the season and they are a completely different (and better) team than what we've had the misfortune of seeing for the past month.

Anson predicted a narrow Georgetown win in the Q&A with Casual Hoya. But I'm going the other way and think Pitt beats the Hoyas on Saturday.