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Behind The Numbers: Key Factor In Today's Georgetown Game

Great Q&A session by Anson with the Casual Hoya to get you primed for Georgetown, but I wanted to expand on that with one key to today's game.

Getting to the free throw line.

Georgetown did an above-average job getting to the line in the non-conference, but in conference play they have taken it to another level. In eight Big East games, they attempt nearly 22 free throws/game on only 51 FG attempts/game. This free throw rate of 43% dwarfs Pitt's conference free throw rate of 27.2%. Sadly, it takes us 58.4 FG attempts/game just to reach 15.9 FT attempts/game. Fortunately, the Hoyas struggle converting on those chances, shooting a measly 65.1% during conference play. And, not that we're much better at 66.1%.

The two main contributors to these numbers are Henry Sims and Jason Clark. Both rank in the top ten in free throws attempted in conference play, helping to shoot a combined 100 free throws. Nasir, leading Pitt in free throw attempts, isn't even close with 27 trips to the line; good for only 32nd in the conference.

What does this mean?

Somebody will be in serious foul trouble, with the most likely culprits being Nasir or, even, Tray. In fact, Woodall leads the team, unfortunately, in fouls per game at 2.8. I always knew he made dumb fouls, but I had no idea until I stumbled on the fact that he was the team leader. And, with his injury not fully behind him, you'd have to think he'll commit silly fouls when he's out of position and trying to recover.

Advice to Jamie: Limit Clark's penetration lanes and ability to draw contact in the paint. As for Sims, keep him on the high block where less fouls are called and stay away from stupid over-the-backs as we try to pad the gaudy offensive rebounding numbers (yes, you Talib).

Find more of these useful numbers over at Statsheet to compare the two teams: