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Steven Adams Impresses In Pittsburgh Basketball Club Legends Classic

I knew about this game in advance and really meant to get something up on it. Never happened, though.

Okay, so technically Steven Adams was in Ambridge this weekend, not Pittsburgh. But it was a close enough trip that about 1,500 people showed up to take a look at Pitt's 2012 blue chip basketball recruit.

I didn't get a chance to make it, but Adams apparently had a pretty good outing.

In the game, Adams ended up with 12 points and 14 rebounds in Notre Dame Prep's win over Massanutten Academy on Sunday. The Post-Gazette's Mike White has a good rundown of what he observed during the entire game.

The most impressive thing to me is that he only had eight shots, but still found a way to make a huge impact in other ways including rebounding and his defense (two steals and a block). This guy is looking like he'll be able to contribute right away next year.

How much? Eh, I don't know. I've never been the guy that expects a ton out of freshmen and while Khem Birch was being hailed as an offensive giant, I never really got that impression. The bottom line is that that there are very few kids I'd expect to come in and score 12-15 points right away in Pitt's system. On other teams like Kentucky or fast-paced systems? Sure, but that's not Pitt.

Off the court, Adams comes of as extremely humble and that will help him in the likeability department.

Regardless of how much you think Adams will contribute right away, the good news is that he will do something - even if that means providing some stability in the frontcourt on the glass, which with the loss of Nasir Robinson next year, Pitt will sorely need.

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