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Pitt-Buffalo: At first glance

Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

No, Pitt's football season isn't over yet. And if we're being specific, we're only halfway there.

Want to know the crazy thing? Pitt's season, as disastrous as it's been, can still be salvaged to some small degree. Don't laugh - it's true. There might not be many games left where Pitt will be expected to win, but Pitt has several where they should be competitive. And the first one up is Buffalo.

Pitt hasn't lost to Buffalo in their three games, but as I wrote on Sunday, some of the games have been competitive. If you're counting this one as an easy win, I'd think again. This is the same Pitt team that lost to Youngstown State at home and this one's on the road. The Penguins are admittedly a better team than 1-5 Buffalo, but the Bulls will be getting up for this one.

And yeah, I know 1-5 sounds awful. Okay, it is awful. But they lost by only a touchdown on the road to ranked and undefeated Ohio. They also lost by only seven on the road at UConn. And while losing by 22 to ranked Georgia on the road isn't great, it could have been much worse.

Now, that said - I'd like to think that Pitt should win this one. The Bulls are 1-5 and coming off of a 45-3 drubbing at the hands of MAC power Northern Illinois this weekend. And while they've been competitive in some of those games, both Buffalo's offense and defense ranks near the bottom in the FCS. Still, if you think that's enough to make me feel comfortable, think again.

At first glance, the Panthers have a good chance to win ... but it's no guarantee.

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