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Big East Media Day (Part 1): Panthers and predictions

Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

With Big East Media Day here yesterday, we're getting closer to the season starting.

The day doesn't typically mean a whole lot. Essentially, a bunch of coaches sit around and try to predict what's going to happen in the regular season, players get a free trip to NYC, and the media scrutinizes nearly everything said. I'll hit a recap of links tomorrow, but for now, the prediction stuff:

Pitt was selected to finish sixth in the conference according to the coaches, which probably seems about right to me. The Panthers could easily finish better, but with so much firepower, I'd be surprised if they finished much worse. And with all the questions still lingering around a team that failed to make even the NIT (Tray Woodall's health, still lots of youth, and getting a full season of consistency out of J.J. Moore), it'd be hard to place them in the upper echelon.

Individually, freshman Steven Adams was named the preseason Freshman of the Year. That comes as little surprise since he's not only regarded as one of the best freshmen in the conference, but in the nation. This really means nothing, but for what it's worth, Pitt's other two previous players to get the distinction (Vonteego Cummings and Jerome Lane) both turned out to be not only good players, but NBA Draft picks.

Senior guard Tray Woodall didn't make either of the All-Big East teams, but he was given an honorable mention. I can see Woodall having a very good season, but with so many other options offensively, I don't know that he'll put up huge scoring numbers. He was on a record pace for assists last year, though, and will be able to contribute in other ways than scoring.

More on the day tomorrow.

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