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The Cardiac Hill Roadshow: Traveling To Buffalo

The "Cardiac Hill Roadshow" is a six-part series that covers the ins and outs of traveling to watch your Pitt Panthers on the road this season. Today we will look at the trip to Buffalo, New York and the University at Buffalo.

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The Travel

Starting point: Pitt's campus
Ending point: Buffalo's campus
Time: 3 hours, 57 minutes
Distance: 228 miles, or "What is the radius for which will contain 10 of Penni Graham's relatives at any given moment?"

Places to see along the way:
The Big Mac Museum, North Huntingdon, PA
Daffin's Chocolate Kingdom, Sharon, PA
A Ghosttown Named Pithole, Pithole, PA
Luci-Desi Museum, Jamestown, NY
Iron Island Haunted Museum, Buffalo, NY

For further information about traveling to Buffalo, we've solicited the help of some locals. Here is some advice that Tim of Bull Run had to offer.

Where To Stay

I suppose it all depends on just how long your going to go up and stay. If the idea is to stay as close to the campus as possible there is a Marriott just about a mile from the stadium. But UB's north campus is very close to Niagara Falls which has better hotels and some great things for tourist.

Where To Eat

Since your in Buffalo might as well try Anchor Bar, Home of the Buffalo Wing. Aside from that Buffalo is chalked full of great ethnic foods, there really too much to choose from.

What To Do On & Around Campus

UB's campus has changed a lot since my days but its still mostly a wasteland for non students. Better to go down to Buffalo's waterfront or the Falls.

Gameday Traditions To Take Part In

The Victory March is a new one. The coach and players march to the game through the tailgating lots. Parking is free and tailgating is encouraged so bring your a-game.

If you are going to go to Buffalo, you might as well take your passport and head over to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. I highly recommend the "Oh Canada, Eh?" dinner theater, an entertaining family show celebrating Canada's history while laughing at themselves.

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