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Pitt makes the cut in ESPN's 2012-13 preseason Bracketology prediction

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Justin K. Aller

Bracketology is a year-round thing so you shouldn't be at all surprised that ESPN's Joe Lunardi has released a preseason bracket. And when it comes to Pitt, Lunardi thinks they'll rebound.

So much so, that he has the Panthers as a No. 6 seed in his latest bracket.

That would put Pitt right around the edge of the Top 25 and considering they received some votes in the preseason polls, that's about right. Who would the Panthers face, though? Butler (insert cruel joke here).

Obviously it's a bit ridiculous that there are bracket projections when the regular season is just underway - and picking first-round matchups is even more ludicrous. But that's the culture we live in and to blame Lunardi would be off base. Other Big East teams that should get in according to him are Louisville (who is projected as a No. 1 seed), Marquette, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Georgetown, and Notre Dame. The Big East's seven bids tie them for the most with the Big Ten.

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