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Pitt football coaching staff has room for improvement

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Jared Wickerham

I'm a bit surprised that Pitt football coach Paul Chryst has been such a polarizing figure when he hasn't even completed his first seaon Not only is he in his first year with the Panthers, but he's in his first year as a head coach. Only quarterback Tino Sunseri has drawn as much criticism and it's clear that there are wide-ranging thoughts on Chryst.

I've read a lot of opinions of him on this blog this year. Some believe he should be given up at least four seasons to right the ship while others say he should go now. I fall somewhere in the middle. At the very least, you've got to give him two seasons, and I'd probably give him three unless next year was a complete and utter train wreck. We can go round and round in circles on Chryst, but he not only needs to time to try to implement his own system with his own players, but he needs time to learn how to be a head coach.

The one thing we can all agree on is that he and the rest of the coaching staff have room for improvement. That was the subject of a feature I wrote over the weekend for SB Nation Pittsburgh and you can head over and check it out.

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