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Pitt football coach Paul Chryst questions team's effort

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Jared Wickerham

Well, we all saw the effort against UConn wasn't there, but it's still disheartening to hear it from the coach. At least Paul Chryst, if nothing else, is honest. And I'd prefer that a coach comes out and doesn't dodge the obvious. So when he questioned his team's effort in the latest game, it was a bit refreshing:

"I thought we did have a couple (of moments) where it was less than the effort that you would want," he said after Pitt dropped two in a row for the third time this season.


"I thought there was some (lack of effort), and that was disappointing," Chryst said. "You shouldn’t have to be coaching effort at any point, certainly (not) late in the year. Yet there were other guys giving tremendous effort and have all year."

I definitely get what Chryst is saying here and, for as much as I've harped on the fact that the coaches haven't gotten the players ready, it's ultimately up to them to buy in.

These quotes shouldn't be taken lightly. These are the types of things you often hear just before a coach is on his way out - not in their first year. That clearly isn't to imply that Chryst is in danger of losing his job since Pitt will almost assuredly give him at least until the end of next season before they would even consider making a change. But the fact that he's here talking about a lack of effort doesn't bode well right now.

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