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Week 11 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings

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Jared Wickerham

The Big East power rankings were fairly predictable the past few weeks. But after this week's shakeup, trying to put together a ballot was a bit difficult.

In the end, I swapped Rutgers with Louisville on the premise that the Scarlet Knights are the only undefeated team in the conference and they defeated a Syracuse team that soundly beat Louisville this weekend.

The bottom of the conference is a bit of a mess due to Pitt losing to UConn this week. I clearly had to rank the Huskies above Pitt, but then there's the question with Temple. Pitt killed the Owls and Temple has been blown out in their last four games (losing by at least 24 points each time out). The simple fact is that I don't necessarily think Pitt is the worst team in the conference, but because of Temple's wins over UConn and South Florida, I had little choice but to rank Temple above those schools.

Make sense? No? Good.

Below is my ballot and be sure to check out The UConn Blog for the full results this week.

1. Rutgers

2. Louisville

3. Cincinnati

4. Syracuse

5. Temple

6. South Florida

7. UConn

8. Pitt

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