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ACC commissioner John Swofford says it's 15 teams or 16 with Notre Dame

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Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

With 15 teams in the ACC, there seems to be a lot of public interest in the conference to add a 16th school. But that doesn't sound as if it's happening unless it's Notre Dame according to commissioner John Swofford. Touching on a few notes in between meetings with Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports, Swofford talked about scheduling with Notre Dame, finalizing the Orange Bowl deal, and, of course, if there's any interest in adding another team:

The ACC will consider expanding to 16 teams only if Notre Dame changes its mind and embraces the full ACC football schedule. There's no indication of that but, of course, Swofford would gladly welcome Notre Dame. "There's really no need for us to look at going any further at this point," Swofford said.

The decision to stand pat makes a world of sense. The ACC will always be able to find another team down the road if they really want one and, more to the point, if a big fish like Notre Dame suddenly became available, the ACC would want to have a spot available. They, of course, could expand beyond 16 teams, but it would be unlikely. Further, more schools means the revenue would shrink for each team unless a new deal was reached.

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