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Pitt-Rutgers game set for noon

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This is a little late, but Pitt announced its game time for the Rutgers game a little over a week from now will be at, when else, noon. The game will be Senior Day as it's the team's last home date of the season.

I would make a noon joke, but I'm just too tired. I won't be around, anyway, so it doesn't matter all that much to me personally. But Pitt has had its fair share of early kickoff times - the cost of being a bad team, I suppose. It will be shown on either ESPN2 or ESPNU (a decision will be made next week).

Whenever the time was going to be, though, the game is a a tough sell. Pitt has trudged through a miserable season and as if the demand wouldn't be low enough, it's also the Saturday after Thanksgiving. People will be traveling and many will be doing all the Christmas shopping they can handle - just not a good combination. To help fight what could be a weak turnout, Pitt's athletics department is doing all it can to move tickets and is offering a special deal for season ticket holders. As a marketing person, I can appreciate any way to drum up support, but chances are that the crowd won't be a great one.

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