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Pitt's Aaron Donald and Devin Street testing NFL waters

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Even though it was reported that Aaron Donald and Devin Street were leaning towards returning to Pitt a few weeks ago, the two have filed paperwork with the NFL to help determine their potential standing for the 2013 Draft. Both can still return and the paperwork is nothing more than a chance to hear where you could be projected to be taken. Donald, for his part, is saying the right things:

“I sent it in just to see where I was standing right now,” he said. “Nothing major. From where I stand right now, I will be a Pitt Panther."

As I said at the time in that first link, players state they're planning on returning only to bolt all the time. That really wouldn't be a big surprise in either case here. Sometimes the player starts thinking of dollar signs. Sometimes the projections are better than anticipated. And sometimes there's even a clash with a college coach. Anything can happen and it's possible that Donald and/or Street could leave.

If I had to make a guess, I'd project Donald would be more likely to go. Both seem destined to play in the NFL, but Donald has had a couple of very good seasons now. Street has done okay, but I think he'd benefit from another year - particularly when he would be 'the man' in the receiving corps and not share targets with Mike Shanahan. A 1,000-yard season would mean he's improved every year at Pitt and help make him stand out a bit.

Stay tuned - we're still a long way from the Draft.

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