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Pitt vs. Kennesaw State: Open Gamethread

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of Christmas and the Robert Foster madness, Pitt's basketball team has another date with a non-threatening non-conference opponent. This time, it's Kennesaw State who gets to come into the Pete to take a loss.

We're beyond the point, really, of wondering if these types of opponents can give Pitt trouble. The answer is a resounding 'no', barring the near-disaster against Oakland. Other than that, the Panthers have been steamrolling over opponents and not only winning, but doing so with ease.

How bad are the Owls? They're 1-10 on the season and their only win was a two-point squeaker in overtime against South Carolina State. There's really little reason for Pitt to even struggle mildly in this game. This should be another 30ish-point win for the Panthers and if it's a close game after the first half, that would be a huge surprise.

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