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CBS' Jon Rothstein says Fairfield the confirmed destination for Malcolm Gilbert pending release

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

It was announced this past week that Malcolm Gilbert would be transferring out of PItt's basketball program. The reason given was that he wanted to play alongside his brother, Marcus, who is currently enrolled at Fairfield. Because of that, the obvious answer was that he'd be heading to Fairfield, but no destination was officially confirmed.

Technically, Marcus could have always transferred out of Fairfield as well and the two could have been headed somewhere new. But CBS' Jon Rothstein says Fairfield is definitely the destination per a source. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but it's the first real confirmation I've seen that Gilbert will be heading there if/once he gets his release.

One interesting thing in all of this is that Gilbert certainly isn't the only tall player on the team. Fairfield already has a pair of seven-footers and both are young (currently a freshman and sophomore). Gilbert could certainly still step in and contribute or start right away next year, but he may have a bit of competition for playing time. Either way, one thing's for certain - Fairfield is probably one of the few teams out there with three players 6'11" or taller.

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