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Pitt's football season ends with degree of success


Even though the Panthers finished 6-6, I've still got a hard time declaring this year a success for the program. There were disappointing losses to UConn and Syracuse and a disappointing one to Notre Dame. Instead of six victories, the Panthers could have squeezed eight, or even nine, out of this year with a bit of consistency.

But with records of 0-2, 2-4, and 4-6, Pitt could have folded up shop and closed up for the season a few times. Instead, they chose to fight back and get to .500 on the season. The team didn't always put forth a great effort, but I think it's noteworthy that they bounced back on more than one occasion. One such time was the last two weeks when they defeated a ranked Rutgers team and followed that up with a blowout win on the road at South Florida.

The season wasn't an overall success by any means. But instead of giving up, the Panthers certainly deserve a bit of respect for not packing early up this season.

Because of that, I took a look at Pitt's mild success at the end of this year over at SB Nation Pittsburgh. You can read it here.

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