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The Week In Review: Catching Up On Pitt

Alright, trying to get back into the swing of things with a week off. Thanks to Greg for holding down the fort while I've been gone. I had planned to get a few updates up during vacation, but sometimes you just need time off from everything.

No music today but I'll have another pick up next week. Things will pick up around here this week for sure. Rather than try to break down everything, I wanted to hit on a few things that happened while I've been out.

Bob Bostad leaves for the NFL: Let me say that I don't blame Bostad all that much for leaving. The NFL is pretty much a dream of most of the college guys and if you get the chance to go, it's probably not something you can pass up. That said, I do think it's a bit bootleg to bolt without even doing coaching a single practice at a new stop.

Bitter much? Yeah, guess you could say that. I was really looking forward to having Bostad around not only because of his great coaching job at Wisconsin, but I think he would have really helped with recruiting. Of Chryst's hires, his was the one I was excited about the most and the staff now has kind of a 'meh' feeling about it in my mind. I still a fan of Chryst's even without Bostad, but was definitely more sold on the duo.Brooks Bollinger as the QB coach? Fine, whaer. He'sot no experience and even though he spent time in the NFL, as a replacement for Bostad, it's obviously a step dow And yet another Wisconsin coach? #BorderlineRidic

Steve Pederson balks at paying more than $5M: My feelings on this are pretty much what Greg had to say. Pitt will fork over more if they have to in order to get out earlier. I think 2012 is kind of a transition time for Pitt and while they would have preferred to get out in time for next football season, they can now use the time to focus on making the move to the ACC - advertising it, hyping it, etc. And while players and coaches would downplay it, winning the Big East this season is much more realistic than trying to win the ACC right now.

Pitt Basketball Officially In The Tank: Before I left, Pitt had pretty much wet the bed, but with two more losses this week, the train is off the track. This season is, in a word, over. Barring a long run in the Big East Tournament, Pitt's NIT hopes are probably even over. I'm not going to kill Jamie Dixon for having one bad season in nearly a decade and it's fair to say that my thoughts towards him haven't changed. People have crushed him for not adapting and he's played more zone this year. They've crushed him for not recruiting bigger talent, and he's been doing that. I believe Dixon is a good coach and while this hasn't been his best job, I'm not getting off the bandwagon just yet. but the thing to point out is that this may not just be a one-year anomaly since there is a lack of established talent in the upperclassmen ranks ... something Pitt usually has. I'll have more on this later.

CBI, anyone?

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