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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: The Ones That Didn't Work Out

Been meaning to do this for a while back, but I went through the past few years and found some of Jamie Dixon's key recruiting misses. The biggest reason for the team's struggles in my mind is because the team is just so darn young, but adding several players who have contributed far too little has hurt as well. Below is a snippet of the article - head over to SB Nation Pittsburgh for the full piece.

Head coach Jamie Dixon has gotten some kudos for improving the quality of Pitt's recruits in recent years. The knock on the program had been Dixon's inability to secure top-ranked incoming talent and that's starting to change. But while the Panthers have been able to bring in undervalued players that have suited the program well, it's the overrated ones that have hurt the program.

And when you think of overrated recruits, none sticks out more in recent years than Dante Taylor. Taylor, a top 25 recruit and McDonald's All-American, came in highly touted. The talk was that the almost assuredly would not be sticking around for four seasons, but after three lackluster years, that will indeed be the case when Taylor returns as a senior next season. He hasn't been a complete bust, and this season, has put together some quality games. But while averaging only six points and just over five rebounds in 2011-12, Taylor isn't likely to become the superstar Pitt fans thought he would.

Read the full article over at SB Nation Pittsburgh.