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Pitt Football Spring Practice: Musical Chairs At Quarterback; Anthony Gonzalez On The Move?

College football, for many, means position changes. They're part of the game and unless you're a player really built for a specific position, there's a good chance you may have to endure one (or at the very least, some talk of a potential change).

Pitt seems to really be trying to figure out its quarterback position in particular. They've got a blue-chipper coming in this fall in Chad Voytik, but that doesn't mean there's no activity the position. Recently, Paul Chryst moved E.J. Banks there temporarily (a move I really questioned) and after moving Anthony Gonzalez back there, it looks like Gonzo is far from settled in under center.

In recent comments, while Chryst stopped short of saying Gonzalez was definitely moving out of the spot, it sounded as if yet another position change wasn't out of the question.

Of Gonzalez and his status at quarterback, Chryst said the following this weekend:

"Yeah, he’s not getting as many reps (at quarterback), but he’s showed some things, so we’ll take that as it comes. Not saying it won’t happen, but we having nothing imminent planned to move Gonzo."

That's hardly disastrous and as I said, definitely not an admission that Gonzalez is going to be moved again. But a position change sounds like a possibility. In case you've lost track, Gonzalez was recruited as a quarterback, was essentially named the backup to Tino Sunseri last spring, was moved to receiver/H-back in Todd Graham's quirky offense, moved back to quarterback this year under Chryst, and could be on the move again.

Gonzalez still has plenty of time to contribute significantly to the Pitt program, but I grow weary of guys that were supposed to be stars being moved around so much in such a short time. This is a bit of a unique situation as Pitt now has its third head coach in three seasons, so you obviously can't blame all of this on Chryst. But it'd be nice if they found a home for Gonzalez sooner than later. He was touted as an outstanding athlete and in citing the oft-used Dorin Dickerson example, I'm hoping he can settle down somewhere before his senior season.

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