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Jamie Dixon Talking Again ... This Time To LSU?

Get ready for more Jamie Dixon rumors (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)
Get ready for more Jamie Dixon rumors (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)

UPDATE: TigerRag, an LSU site says that the school did not meet with Dixon. So, um, yeah.

Great. Just when the TCU stuff had died down ... this:

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva spoke Pittsburgh basketball Coach Jamie Dixon Wednesday in Atlanta one day after interviewing North Texas Coach Johnny Jones about the LSU men's basketball coaching job, sources close to the search have confirmed.

And of course, when approached, Dixon offered nothing:

Dixon, 46, declined to comment, saying he doesn't comment on other jobs

Personally, I'd be surprised if Dixon left for LSU. I'd put this on the same level as the Maryland and TCU stuff. LSU is a better program than TCU, of course, but they were his alma mater so that had to count for something. Still, I'll say the same thing I always do when this comes up. It'd be nice for Dixon to say he doesn't have any interest in these jobs when his name surfaces.

The key thing at this point is the depth of the conversation with LSU. Could have been a five-minute conversation or even an hour-long one. But the fact that Dixon didn't say he declined further talks should tell you he's at least willing to listen.

Of course, the spin from many media types will be that he needs to use it for leverage to get yet another extension. Fine, whatever.

It's not the fact that Dixon's name surfaces for these types of jobs, it's that he always seems willing to listen. That wouldn't be so bad if it were only for the occasional job, but it seems like it's almost every one. Still, not worth getting worked up over until we know more, but it'd be nice if we could make it through one spring without Dixon's name surfacing somewhere as a candidate.

What are the ties to LSU? I don't know, but this site says his wife may have went there...for what it's worth.

Stay tuned.

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