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Has Mark Myers Grabbed Backup Quarterback Spot?

Who will back up starter Tino Sunseri this year? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Who will back up starter Tino Sunseri this year? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So, with Tino Sunseri entrenched as the starter, does Pitt have a backup quarterback? I haven't seen an announcement from head coach Paul Chryst on this and, frankly, I'd be surprised if one came out before the spring. I think the job is up for grabs, but at this point, I'm wondering if Mark Myers has already won the job.

A few things may point to that.

Earlier in camp, Myers had appeared to jump Trey Anderson, according to the Post-Gazette's Paul Zeise. Zeise later said Anderson was making a push, though.

But in the spring game this weekend, Myers took the bulk of the snaps behind Sunseri. He attempted 16 passes while Trey Anderson only attempted five.

Personally, I don't think that Myers has definitely locked up the backup spot. And naming a backup at this point wouldn't really accomplish all that much. The knock on Myers (according to quarterbacks coach Brooks Bollinger) has been that he needs to be more consistent and I don't know that the effort will be there on a consistent basis if he knows he has the job wrapped up.

But my guess is that he's on course to do so and as long as he plays competently in the fall, he'll do just that. There will also be Chad Voytik to contend with, but I don't see a true freshman stepping in right away - even as the backup.

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