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NFL Undrafted Free Agents: Brandon Lindsey Signs With Pittsburgh Steelers; Lucas Nix with Oakland Raiders

Lindsey could be suiting up for the black and gold this fall (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Lindsey could be suiting up for the black and gold this fall (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I wrote shortly after the draft that I was surprised Brandon Lindsey wasn't taken in the fourth - seventh rounds of the NFL Draft today. I was literally in the middle of a post about potential landing spots when word broke in the Twittersphere that he has signed on as an undrafted free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not being taken in the draft had to be a bit disappointing - especially for a guy like Lindsey who had expected to be picked at some point today.

But he ended up with a shot to make the Steelers and stay in the City of Pittsburgh. Almost seems like a perfect fit for him. If I'm Lindsey, though, there's one question I'm asking first.

The Steelers had four (yes, four) picks in the final round and they didn't select him in any of them. I get that the Steelers can't take everybody and they should absolutely pick the players they think are better fits than go for the hometown kid. But if I'm Lindsey, I might be a bit annoyed.

Apparently Lucas Nix was.

Nix also got some immediate offers, including one from the Steelers. He turned that one down, though, according to Jerry DiPaola at the Trib, and instead signed with the Oakland Raiders.

There's no explanation as of yet why Nix picked Oakland instead of Pittsburgh, but if it was at least partially due to the team not wanting to spend one of its four picks on him, I totally get that.

Click here for my pre-draft write-up on Brandon Lindsey. And here's the one on Lucas Nix.

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