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The Morning After: Weekly Pitt Link Dump / "Wee Wee Hours" (Chuck Berry)

Chuck Berry - Wee Wee Hour (via VidZone)

This week's tune is another one from Chuck Berry - a live version of "Wee Wee Hours." Berry's a legend - 'nuff said, and this is a version from a concert.

Pitt links that we didn't to last week are after the jump.

Paul Chryst stopped by a Mon Valley Panther Club event last week

Before the lawsuit, interim commissioner Joe Bailey had little to say about an early exit for Pitt

Panther Lair has a nice look at football recruit Shakir Soto

DeJuan Blair and Sam Young have found decreased playing time in the NBA playoffs

Could Boise State be rethinking the Big East?

Pitt's baseball team is struggling to reach the tournament this season's Andrea Adelson says Pitt will not be able to leave the Big East without penalty

She also says Ray Graham is her Big East player to watch this season, and ...

Pitt-Louisville is her Big East Game of the Week in Week 7

ACC Convos talks more about the Marinatto firing/resignation

The women's track and field team is preparing for the ECAC championship

Two softball players earned All-Big East honors this season

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