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Savon Goodman Passes On Pitt, Heads To UNLV

Jamie Dixon lost out on recruit Savon Goodman (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)
Jamie Dixon lost out on recruit Savon Goodman (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)

About two weeks ago, we talked a little about Savon Goodman's apparent leaning away from Pitt. A few days it became official as Goodman has chosen UNLV.

According to ZagsBlog, Goodman is headed to join former Pitt recruit Khem Birch at UNLV.

I haven't followed the Goodman madness all that closely, but ever since news leaked that he was thinking about reclassifying to 2013, I thought the chances he came to Pitt probably increased. But when it was known he was sticking to 2012, chances of him coming to the Panthers all but vanished in my mind. Pitt has nudged players out in the past, but booting someone out only a few months before the season probably would be a bit unfair.

Would Dixon have found room for him if he really wanted to come to Pitt this season? Man, I don't know. But in a way, I'm glad it didn't come to that. Eventually, Pitt's reputation of players transferring out of the program (i.e. Dwight Miller, Isaiah Epps, Jaylen Bond, J.J. Richardson, etc.) is going to catch up with them.

Losing Goodman hurts, though, don't get me wrong. Kid is projected as a future NBA player with some real talent. And the thought of Khem Birch likely giving him every reason in the book not to come to Pitt doesn't make me feel any better about it. When you throw in the fact that Pitt isn't all that deep with true power forwards ... well, yeah.

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