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Pitt's Steven Adams Cleaning Up In Greentree Summer League

"Really, ref - he's up to 18 rebounds?" (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)
"Really, ref - he's up to 18 rebounds?" (Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE)

We all figured Steven Adams would be pretty good, but he's showing just how strong he might be in the Greentree Summer League (Pittsburgh Basketball Club Pro-Am).

Through two games, it's safe to say that Adams should be able to fit in well in D-I basketball.

Adams started things off on Monday with a six-point 18-rebound effort. The 18 rebounds would be impressive even if he were suiting up against a WPIAL team, but against other college players, that performance stands out even more.

I'm still waiting to see just how aggressive he'll be for Pitt once the season actually starts, but even in an informal format, the summer league still could be a decent indicator. And if it is, Adams will fit in just fine.

After a night off on Wednesday, Adams was back to it this past Monday and looked even more dominant. This time, his offensive skills were on display a bit when he nearly went off for a triple double with 15 points, 13 boards, and eight blocks.

Yeah - Just. Fine.

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