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Hail To Links! The "Debate About Pitt's Off-Campus Facilities" Edition


On-campus vs. off-campus facilities has long been the debate among Pitt fans. Recently, ESPN decided to pick a side in the argument...well, actually they picked both sides of the argument.

Also, check out Eric LeGrand at last night's ESPYS, what an NAIA college did for its inaugural season, how the B1G Ten mascots fill their summer, and more...after the jump.

Pitt's facilities are ______ (insert theme of the day). Just a few weeks ago, ESPN's BIG EAST Blog ranked Pitt's facilities tied for 4th (of 8) in the conference. Today, those same facilities are listed as part of the reason that Pitt is the 2nd best head coaching job in the conference. OK, I'm confused.

No commentary needed. If you don't click on any other link in this post and you missed Eric LeGrand's speech from the ESPYS, please go watch it.

Let's go bowling! The college football bowl schedule was released yesterday. I'll save you the suspense, the BBVA Compass Bowl is Saturday, January 5th at 1pm.

What's red and grey and hideous all over? How about the University of Lindenwood-Belleville's new football field. Jeez, and I though Boise State's "Smurf Turf" was bad.

“Remain calm! All is well!” takes a look at the state of the ACC.

File this under "You are all going to hate me later". The B1G Ten mascots decided to get into the whole parody video thing.

And I leave you with the "Tweet of the Night":

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