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Pitt Football's Payback Game: Cincinnati Or Rutgers?

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If you've never checked out ACC Convos, you should. Even though Pitt isn't technically in the conference yet, John over there has always linked to Pitt related topics ever since news broke of the Panthers joining the league. There's also daily link dumps on ACC happenings and well worth a look.

Their site has been looking at payback games for conference teams and this past week, he took on Pitt. Take a look after the jump.

ACC Convos says the Panthers' payback game is against the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Panthers played them tightly at home, despite the Bearcats being 6-1, and nearly pulled off an upset. For that reason, picking them is understandable. Plus, there really aren't many viable options. Four of Pitt's seven losses came against West Virginia, Iowa, Utah, and SMU, and none of those schools are on the schedule for this season. That leaves Notre Dame, Rutgers, and Cincinnati.

I'd actually be inclined to lean towards Rutgers as a payback game. The Cincinnati game was closer, but the game against Rutgers was flat out embarrassing. And because Notre Dame wasn't a conference game, it doesn't mean as much to Pitt's chances of getting to the BCS.

The Panthers were destroyed by the Scarlet Knights last season and really looked bad in that game. But even more than that, Rutgers is expected to be a conference favorite this season. And when you factor in all of the trouble Rutgers has given Pitt (sometimes in seasons when Pitt was expected to win), that's my pick for a payback game.

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