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Pitt's E.J. Banks And Anthony Gonzalez On The Move

Anthony Gonzalez is making yet another position change (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Anthony Gonzalez is making yet another position change (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With fall camp nearly here, position changes are being made. Nothing new - this happens every year. But there were a few notable changes including E.J. Banks and Anthony Gonzalez being moved around.

I wasn't real thrilled with Banks being given a shot at quarterback, if you remember. The move made little sense (as well as the one later that moved him to the running backs), so when it was announced that he's headed to the secondary, I was more than thrilled. Simply put, Banks had little chance at becoming the starter at either position and I'd much rather have his talent elsewhere on the field where it will be utilized.

Same goes for Gonzo, who's also headed to the secondary after another stint at quarterback that never seemed like it would last.

Gonzalez played H-back last season (even though it was evident that Pitt was in desperate need of a quarterback). As I explained at SB Nation Pittsburgh, it really came back to bite Todd Graham at the time. But now that Pitt has their quarterback of the future in Chad Voytik, it will be good to get Gonzo's athleticism on the field elsewhere.

In Gonzalez' case, especially, I hope he gets the chance to settle in at a position instead of turning into another Dorin Dickerson. He's a good athlete that Pitt can really use if they only decide what to do with him.

Both head into a somewhat crowded secondary, but that's just fine. If Pitt can get to the point where they've got four incredibly talented corners and safeties with quality depth, they'll be in great shape. Even if Banks and Gonzalez don't start there, they'll have a much better shot at playing as a backup there than they probably would on a regular basis at quarterback.

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