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Hail To Links! The "We Aren't Going To Mention Penn State" Edition

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Monday will be a day that fans of college football will remember for quite some time. The news is everywhere, even here on our blog, and even here on our blog. But sometimes we all just need to talk about something else. That is my goal here today, where we will not be mentioning Penn State, Joe Paterno, et al.

Instead, we will talk about the new bowl on the block, what ESPN thinks of a certain incoming Pitt freshman, the ACC Kickoff (Media Days), and more...after the jump.

The Insight(.com) Bowl is no more. Instead, the bowl game in Arizona will now be known as the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Beware the sprinklers and unnecessary overtimes.

I believe Dickie V refers to these guys as the Diaper Dandies. Steven Adams made ESPN's list of Top 5 freshman in the BIG EAST.

The ACC Football Kickoff 2012. It's kinda like a media day, only with a different name. Mr. CFB says all is well in the ACC, there is nothing to see here. Of course, all of this took place after the ACC commish met with Clemson officials to make sure everything was cool.

Pulling an Ernie Els. Bobby Bowden backed into becoming the winning coach in FBS history Monday with the NCAA vacating 14 years of that other guy's wins.

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