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Pitt's Backup Quarterback Spot Undecided Heading Into Fall Camp

Will Trey Anderson reclaim Pitt's backup quarterback spot? (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Will Trey Anderson reclaim Pitt's backup quarterback spot? (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

This isn't really news, per se, but if you've been following Pitt in the offseason, you know that the backup quarterback job appears to be still up for grabs. The possibility exists that Paul Chryst knows what he'll do (and, I think he at least has an idea of who the favorite is), but nothing's been announced yet.

Neither Mark Myers nor Trey Anderson laid hold of the job after spring practices, so it seems the job is still unfilled. I took a brief look at this over on SB Nation Pittsburgh recently.

Essentially, since Myers and Anderson failed to impress last year, there's going to be lots of clamoring for incoming freshman, Chad Voytik. But as I pointed out in the article, both were still pretty young. It's likely that each will show some improvement this year and one of them may even make considerable strides. If that happens, expect Voytik to have little chance of competing for the spot.

But if Myers and Anderson both flounder in the fall, that could open the door for the true freshman. Chryst has already said he'll give Voytik a chance and that should happen if the current quarterbacks aren't able to take a big step forward.

Still, though, I'm on record as saying I don't believe Voytik can land the backup job at the beginning of the season. Seeing him grab that spot halfway through wouldn't be a huge surprise, but since he's missed spring camp and was already behind the other two quarterbacks, hard to see him making a big push in the month or so of fall camp.

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