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How Will The Dorian Johnson Pitt-Penn State Saga End?

Paul Chryst isn't likely giving up on Dorian Johnson anytime soon (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Paul Chryst isn't likely giving up on Dorian Johnson anytime soon (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

When prized recruit Dorian Johnson chose Penn State over Pitt last month, it was a significant blow to the program. Not only because he is a big time player, but because he's exactly what head coach Paul Chryst needs to run the type of offense he did in Wisconsin.

The Panthers have the running backs - now they need the linemen. But with the recent sanctions in Happy Valley, will Johnson be reconsidering his choice?

As Bryan wrote this week, Johnson is the clear top target for the 2013 class for Pitt when talking about potential Penn State transfers. Earlier this week, he had nothing to say about the situation:

Belle Vernon senior Dorian Johnson, a prized offensive tackle who chose Penn State last month, remained mum about whether he would honor his commitment. On Monday, Johnson tweeted: "If you plan on calling me/texting me about this today...STILL NO COMMENT."

And while Johnson may be the one who makes the final decision, it sounds like he'll get input from his family:

Belle Vernon coach Aaron Krepps said Johnson is still committed to Penn State "as of right now," but added that it will be a "family decision."

"They’re going to have to figure out what’s best for him — whether he stays with Penn State or not," Krepps said. "It doesn’t appear they’re in any type of rush, and don’t want a knee-jerk reaction at this point.

The key thing with Johnson to remember is that even if he decides to move on from Penn State, he pretty much had his pick of schools from the start. Pitt will still probably be high on the list, but it's no slam dunk he'd become a Panther. And ESPN's SEC blog says that even though no SEC school was in his final four, more schools could be making a push for him. Pitt was, reportedly, the runner-up, though, and they should be right there if he moves on.

Johnson is exactly what Pitt needs and if he comes to the program, Chryst should have a much easier time implementing his offense.

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