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Hail To Links! The "Unintentional Todd Graham" Edition


The NFL pre-season is now upon us, full force, after having several games on the docket last night. I have to ask though, does the backwards Nike swoosh on the right sleeve of the jerseys bother anyone else? I haven't noticed this on any of the Nike college uniforms, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Today, there is a random Todd Graham theme...I swear, I did not do this on purpose. This is what happens when Todd Graham speaks out in the media, trashing his former employer and making hypocritical comments. So we will take a look at Grantland's opinion on the coach, check out his old high school stadium, hear from Devin Street on his new coach, and more...after the jump.

Pitt officials respond to Todd Graham continually throwing Pitt under the bus. "Todd Graham's credibility problems are well documented. Further comment on that subject would be simply piling on." Well done, EJ. Well done.

Todd Graham is the model coach of modern college football. Grantland breaks down all of reasons why we hate Todd Graham, and how each is stereotypical of the coaching profession. I could say that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts, but this video does the same thing.

This high school stadium is ridiculous. Is it any wonder that this is where "High Octane" began? Yes, this is the high school where Todd Graham got his start.

28 coaches are starting new jobs this season. With coaches moving on to "dream jobs", others taking positions in the NFL, some being fired, and then that whole Joe Paterno thing...23% of FBS schools while have will have a new head coach at the helm this season.

Devin Street likes his new coach. That's good...because we all know how much he liked the last guy.

Emailing threats is bad, mmmkay. One of the participants of this spring's threats via email at Pitt has plead guilty to harassment. He only emailed non-specific threats to professors, not bomb related, so he was allowed to return home and must continue psychiatric treatment. I feel safer already.

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