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The Pitt Pep Rally Bonfire Was Beyond Awesome

Video courtesy of senior student section leader Mike Tam (@Mike10003).

First, Paul Chryst and the just announced captains - Andrew Taglianetti, Ryan Turnley and Cameron Saddler address the crowd:

Good for the captains, all of whom deserve it. Tags is the ultimate student-athlete leader, Ryan Turnley gave so much to the program last year, and Cam is the mouth of the program. Congratulations to all three.

I thought Chryst did a nice job in an area that isn't necessarily his forte - being charismatic. He's definitely likeable, and winning will help that, but I think he did well in one of his first major public events since his introductory press conference.

And the lighting of the bonfire in spectacular fashion:

The Cathedral just looks fantastic. I love that Pitt utilizes its premiere building just enough: football wins and major events only. Too much and the Victory Lights don't matter as much as they do right now.

Can't wait to see them Saturday,

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