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Hail To Links! The "Only Place To Go Is Up" Edition

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Pitt football can't get much worse, right? Right?! Fact is that the team could start 0-3 after this weekend's game with Virginia Tech. So with that in mind, check out some potential personnel changes, Paul Chryst's mindset, and even some thoughts from Hokies' coach Frank Beamer - after the jump.

Mixing it up. After an 0-2 start, it appears that some minor personnel changes are in order.

Is the Chad Voytik era upon us? Not quite yet. While there are many holes to plug up in the offense, the quarterback position is not yet one of them.

You've got questions. Hopefully someone has answers. Paul Chryst imagined he would run into adversity in his first year. He just may not have expected it this early.

Beamer has respect for the Panthers. This may be more than coachspeak as the Panthers owned the Hokies during their final years in the BIG EAST.

Wisconsin is looking for a new offensive line coach. After losing 10-7 to Oregon State, Wisconsin fired offensive line coach Mike Markuson after just two games.

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