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Hail To Links! The "Tino Angry!" Edition


It was said many times last week that Virginia Tech would be Tino Sunseri's final chance as the starting QB if he did not perform. Perhaps that lit a fire under him, because he performed like never before. In an effort that Todd Graham would have surely called "average", Tino was named the BIG EAST offensive player of the week. So today we will take a look at the Tino we saw on Saturday, the problem of having both Ray Graham and Rushel Shell, Bob Smizik's thoughts on Steve Pederson, and more...after the jump.

Tino is pissed off, and that appears to be a good thing. Through it all, Tino Sunseri has come across as an even-keeled, level-headed kid. But he appears to have hit his breaking point...and taken it out on Virginia Tech. Watch out, Gardner-Webb, Angry Tino is comin' for you.

Keeping both feet on the ground. After arguably Pitt's biggest win since 13-9, Paul Chryst is challenged with keeping his team focused for the next game.

There the world's most fearsome fighting team. Paul Chryst has a new problem...getting both Ray Graham and Rushel Shell carries. It's a good problem to long as he manages it better than Dave Wannstedt managed Dion Lewis and Ray Graham.

Haters gonna hate. People will always think what they want to think about Steve Pederson. But Bob Smizik is about to tell you that you are wrong...and Bob is indeed correct.

Young guns need to step up. It appears that Pitt's incoming class is making waves in early season workouts and will be counted upon this upcoming season.

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