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Tra'Von Chapman talks about Pitt starting quarterback job

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

With the graduation of Tino Sunseri, Pitt will have its first new quarterback for the first time in three years. Competing for the job are Tom Savage, Chad Voytik, Trey Anderson (an admitted longshot), and incoming freshman Tra'Von Chapman. But if you were among those hoping Chapman would get the nod right away, you should probably take a look at this in the Trib-Review:

Chapman, who is getting treatment for a groin injury suffered at Roosevelt (Ohio) High School last season, said it‘s too early to start competing for the starting quarterback job with Tom Savage and Chad Voytik, both of whom were with the team in 2012.

“The first three or four months, I‘m getting my feet wet and trying to get along with the guys,” he said. “If I came in here with the mentality that I‘m going to take their spot, it‘s kind of shady.”

He did engage Voytik in pick-up basketball, with Chapman‘s team winning two of three games. “But he‘s a pretty good basketball player,” Chapman said.

Now is that necessarily an admission that he can't compete for the job? Not really. and the fact is that by his timeline, he could still win the job for 2013. The first 'three or four months' as he says puts him only at April-May. But the fact is that Chapman doesn't seem all that strong about being able to compete for the job this year.

And in the end, that's fine. The favorites have to be Tom Savage and Chad Voytik at this point (and I'll have a bit more on that at a later date). As talented as Chapman may be, he's still a true freshman. To expect him to come in and unseat a redshirt freshman who's been on the team for a year and a former big time recruit and one-time starter at Rutgers was always going to be a tough task.

And when you factor in that Chapman himself isn't all that sure about taking over right away, chances are good that he won't be assuming the job heading into the season.

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