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Big East basketball power rankings


I threw out some power rankings for Big East basketball a couple of weeks ago. Now that we're a little past the midway point, I figured it was time for another look. So ... here we go:

1. Louisville

2. Syracuse

3. Marquette

4. Connecticut

5. Notre Dame

6. Cincinnati

7. Rutgers

8. Pitt

9. Georgetown

10. Villanova

11. St. John's

12. DePaul

13. Providence

14. Seton Hall

15. South Florida

UConn might look a little high, but they just beat Notre Dame on the road and their only conference loss has been an overtime defeat to Marquette.

Then there's the issue of Rutgers at No. 7. Yeah, I get it - it looks out of place. But who would you slot ahead of them at this point? Pitt? They just beat Pitt. Georgetown? Georgetown was just killed by Pitt and it'd be hard to rank them ahead of the Panthers. They also have only one conference win - against St. John's, one of the weaker teams in the conference. I'll admit that the Scarlet Knights may be a few slots too high, but I don't know who belongs ahead of them since they've got two conference wins already.


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