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Pitt defensive coordinator search at a standstill

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

I'll admit to having forgotten a bit about Pitt's defensive coordinator search when I saw the Post-Gazette's Sam Werner broach the issue. Ever since Dave Huxtable took off for North Carolina State (still a bit puzzling, isn't it?), there's been next to no word on potential candidates of Paul Chryst.

So what gives? Werner has some good reasons why a hire hasn't been made yet ranging from potential NFL candidates in the postseason to current college assistants still working on recruiting.

Either of those makes perfectly good sense to me. And, as I said before, another option could be that Chryst simply wants to absolutely take his time to make the right hire. There's really no great hurry when you think about it. It would be nice to have a coordinator in place that recruits could meet, but it's not mandatory. And with spring practices still a while off, it's just not all that crucial right now in my mind. If there's any time that Chryst can afford to wait it out a bit, it's now.

Personally, I'd love to see Pitt go after a dynamic recruiter, but it's more important to get a fundamentally sound coach. The preference for me would be to get someone with coordinator or head coaching experience. I'm a big fan of staffs that are made up of several former head coaches and I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in a head coach of a smaller program if they can swing it.

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