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Paul Chryst thinks Devin Street made right decision in bypassing NFL Draft

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this month, Devin Street made a lot of fans happy by committing to stay at Pitt for his senior season. A few weeks later and Paul Chryst says it was the right move:

"We’re excited that Devin’s coming back, and I think that it’s the right thing for him," Chryst said. "The exciting thing for me is I think he can continue to get better."

Chryst was on 93.7 FM The Fan and you can listen to the interview by clicking on that link, by the way.

Back to Street, though - It's hard not to agree with Chryst on this one. Street had a good season this year, but I'm not sure how high his draft stock would have been. He was the leading receiver with a whopping 73 catches this year, but if he's able to put up similar numbers in the ACC in 2013, his stock will rise even higher.

I also don't see Street's stock slipping barring something crazy happening like a major injury or off-field trouble. Even if he doesn't quite match last year's totals, he'll be given the benefit of the doubt with having to work with a new quarterback - maybe even a redshirt freshman if Chad Voytik wins the job. He has enough of a track record that some team would likely take him based on potential.

As if that weren't enough, he could also wind up as the school's all time leading receiver in catches and yards as both are in sight. He needs only 28 catches and 1,015 yards next season to break the Pitt records in those categories.

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