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Pitt moving up in latest ESPN Bracketology rankings

Justin K. Aller

Last week, we mentioned that despite some losses, Pitt was still hanging in on Joe Lunardi's Bracketology rankings to make the NCAA Tournament. Now, after a few wins, the Panthers moved up last Wednesday in his last bracket.

On Wednesday, Lunardi moved Pitt up to a rising No. 9 seed. That's one seed higher than they were last week when he put them at No. 10 and came on the heels of their wins over Providence, UConn, and Villanova. No. 9 is probably about where Pitt deserves to be right now. You could possibly make an argument that they should be a bit higher, but considering that he has Marquette only as a No. 7 seed, the No. 9 slot makes more sense.

This week should tell us a lot. He could still have Pitt as a tournament team even if they lose to both Louisville and Syracuse, but it'd be nice to get at least one of those games.

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