Future On Campus Stadium

I’d like to use this forum to communicate the existence of a web site dedicated to supporting the cause of a new Pitt football stadium on campus which can serve as a future home in 10-15 years. The concept, however, is actually much larger than a college stadium and for game day, but since this is a blog reaching the Pitt sports enthusiast, I’ll refer to it as the new stadium.

The new stadium site can be found at

It was designed by another passionate fan and Pitt alumnus, John Mack. I’m collaborating with John on various aspects and became a believer in the cause after reading John Baranowski’s article on bleacher report ( and upon visiting Mr. Mack’s site.

At this stage, we're interested in recruiting individuals wanting to get off the sidelines and into the game. We've heard the new stadium discussions. Some of us have even participated in them. Now it’s time for words to take action...the talk becomes the walk. We fully understand this is an enormous undertaking, but all grand ideas have their start somewhere so we want to begin by taking small steps.

Initially, the site will serve as a forum to share ideas, express comments, and provide different perspectives while gauging commitment to this endeavor.

Although the site is a work in progress, we plan on enhancing its look and functionality over time. For now, it serves our basic purpose as a place to define and communicate awareness of the concept, collaborate with fellow supporters, define objectives, establish milestones and track progress.

The level of involvement is entirely up to each individual. But we are looking for people that will take active roles and volunteer their time for the various committees.

For now, we just want to spread awareness of the site and provide supporters and detractors a forum to express their viewpoints. As this initiative evolves, we'll be building a database of supporters and soliciting donations to a new non-profit entity supporting the project. Collected monies will be used to fund the renderings of architectural design and creation of a future feasibility study.

We encourage you to visit and contribute to the ongoing discussion. In time, this concept can become more than just a dream. The site is a first start in achieving this reality; moreover, it will have a greater chance to succeed if this grassroots effort is supported by volunteers to the cause. So, if you have the time and the passion, please join us for the journey.


Michael C. Andra