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Ray Graham, Devin Street, Lafayette Pitts to perform community service

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

You might remember back in November, a few football players got into some trouble. Starters Ray Graham, Devin Street, and Lafayette Pitts were charged with a simple assault, but not arrested. They had a court date for January and per the Post-Gazette, the players will perform community service to likely lessen the charge.

No details on the work was really given, but their attorney said the work would probably be with a local non-profit organization. According to the article, Street will have to do 40 hours while Pitts and Graham will need to do 20.

Haven't heard this broached yet, but this really has to be a bit worse for Graham. He's the one that will be heading to the NFL this year and you wonder how much it could hurt his draft stock. I'm guessing it won't be affected all that much, but to have this kind of charge hanging over his head at the same time he's trying to prepare to audition for teams isn't ideal. Same for Street, if he decides to leave.

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