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Cardiac Hill's trip to Stanford

FloodCityPanther is on the west coast checking out the Stanford-Notre Dame game this weekend, follow his trip.

Ezra Shaw

Hey everyone, as I mentioned earlier this week, I will be heading to Stanford to represent Cardiac Hill in an amazing opportunity.  Hampton Inn set up a pretty awesome chance for a few SB Nation sites to exchange bloggers, and Cardiac Hill was selected for it.  I will be in California all weekend, with the highlight of the trip will be the Notre Dame vs. Stanford game Saturday night.

I will be updating this post, along with frequent tweets and Instagram pictures all weekend long. We have plans to check out San Francisco, the Stanford campus, and all places in between.  As part of the exchange, a Stanford blogger from Rule of Tree will be in town this weekend to take in the Pitt vs. Miami game. Obviously check out on his report of Pittsburgh, and be sure to give him some advice as well.

11:45 Thursday - Fighting off the turkey hangover, and just watched the Steelers fall to the Ravens.  The flight for San Francisco leaves bright and early (6:45 ET) and it will get us to the West coast by 9:00 Pacific Time.  We have big plans to check out San Francisco and the bay area, but for now, time for some Netflix and sleep. Five in the morning comes quick, check back tomorrow for an update from the air or when we touch in California.

10:56 Friday - We made it through the flight, and landed down in San Francisco. The weather here is well....a lot nicer than Pittsburgh right now. 60's and sunny, not bad, not bad at all.  The great folks at Hampton Inn have been awesome already!! A complimentary bottle of wine welcomed us at the room, so you can't beat that.  A little regrouping, and most likely a trip up to San Francisco for the afternoon.  Sight seeing, lunch, and finding a spot to watch the Pitt game is in the plans.  I'll check back later, Let's Go Pitt!

6:36 Friday - We had a long day as we spent the majority of it in San Francisco, which is about 45 minutes away from our hotel.  It was a gorgeous day, and with it being a holiday weekend, tons of people were out on the town.  We had lunch at the 21st Amendment Brewery, and it was a good stop. Plenty of good beers and good food to go with it, worth checking out if you are in the area.  We walked around and went through some shops along Fisherman's Wharf area, checkout out the baseball stadium, and went to some scenic overlooks by the Golden Gate Bridge.  I took a ton of pictures, so check out my Twitter or Instagram. San Francisco is a gorgeous city, and we got to see a good bit of it today. As far as the Pitt game, I was fortunate enough to miss most of it, as it sounded like a rough day at Heinz Field.  We are back at the hotel now, unwinding for a bit, and probably taking in dinner with some friends.  I'll be up tomorrow, taking you through the gameday experience of Stanford.

Hampton Inn has really given us a phenomenal opportunity here, so go ahead and book your next trip here. You can find their Facebook page here, their Twitter page here and their Instagram account here.