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ALL THE LINKS: Weekly Pitt link dump / "The Christmas Song" (Dave Matthews)

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Matthews Band - 15 - Christmas Song - Live 12-19-1998 (via seekmeup41)

An early Merry Christmas, peeps. This marks the end of five years for the blog and I'm amazed at where it's come since the original days of it being on Blogspot. I started the blog at the end of 2008 and had its first post in January 2009. In case you've never see the first post - here it was.

Thanks for sticking with us this long and here's to great things in 2014. Got some great live music with Dave Matthews singing The Christmas Song. Hail to Pitt and stay safe, friends.

Onto the links:

ESPN talked to Aaron Donald after his big year, but ...

Somehow, Donald didn't get on ESPN's list of ACC players to watch in bowl games

This writer says Donald deserved more when it came to the Heisman

Tyler Boyd expects to have a big season next year

Pitt's defense wants redemption in the bowl game

EDSBS noted Pitt broke their BBVA Bowl curse this season

The basketball team blew an opportunity against Cincinnati

CBS Sports picked Pitt to win their bowl game

The No. 12 wrestling program beat Bucknell last week

Pitt next gets Notre Dame on the football schedule on November 7th in 2015

The football team's strength and conditioning coach is out

Rebouding decided Pitt's first loss of the season against Cincinnati

Are WPIAL recruits sending a message about Pitt by passing on the Panthers

Penny Semaia won Pitt's unsung hero award

ESPN has a look at Pitt's schedule so far

Aaron Donald talked in the aftermath of winning all of his awards

Paul Chryst previewed Pitt's bowl game (video)

Rebounding is a priority for the basketball team

Colin Dunlap has Christmas lists for Jamie Dixon, Aaron Donald, and other Pittsburgh athletes

In case you haven't noticed, Bowling Green's quarterback Matt Johnson is a confident guy

Athlon ranked Pitt's game against Duke as the 16th best ACC football game this season

The women's basketball team won on Friday last week