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Ray Graham invited to NFL Combine


The NFL Combine will be here before you know it and Pitt's Ray Graham was invited.

There were 24 Big East players invited, but Graham was the only Panther. Would have been nice to see guys like Mike Shanahan, Jarred Holley, Hubie Graham, or Chris Jacobson get a look, but everyone can't get invited.

I'm not too sure what to make of Pitt players in the draft, to be honest. I think Graham is a safe bet to be picked up by somebody, but after that, I'm just not sure. I could see Jacobson being a late pick, but I think a lot of Pitt's seniors will be going the free agent route. Just a lot of questions about the senior class and while there are several good players, not sure how many are 'next level' type of guys.

We've gone over this before, but that is often better than being a late pick since you can pick your own destination if you have more than one suitor.

The combine is really key for a guy like Graham. He was having a great junior year before an injury sidelined him, ending his season. He had a solid year in 2012, but his stock has surely fallen a bit since the injury. Graham will need to impress in individual workouts, but also have a strong showing in the combine.

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