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Two game losing streak: The sky is not falling

Pitt has lost two tough games, but it is not the end of the world

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Despite a strong season, Pitt's two-game losing streak is causing a bit of angst. The Panthers dropped a road game with the always difficult Marquette. The Panthers followed that up with a deflating performance against Notre Dame. Obviously after Pitt hit its high water mark being ranked 16, the two losses should raise some concern, right?

There can be some concern, but Pitt is a pretty good team - and a much better one than they were last year. Everyone goes through slumps in the Big East. Remember Louisville's three-game losing streak last month, and Syracuse's two-game skid a few weeks back? It can literally happen to anyone in this league. Marquette and Notre Dame are two schools that have had Pitt's number in recent history and it's no different than the Panthers being very successful against Syracuse over the years or against Villanova currently.

The Big East is a league built on familiarity and some coaches know how to play each other the right way. The way that Pitt lost to Notre Dame looks bad because of the big lead they had. But Pitt has some very impressive wins this season and they have an opportunity to finish out the regular season strong. They will face some of the weaker teams in the conference, but they need to remember that there are no nights off in the Big East. If Pitt can get back to the way they were playing before Saturday, there shouldn't be a problem moving forward.

Take a look at the past ten years. Pitt has won a lot of games and a mere two-game losing streak is nothing to get all worked up about just yet.

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