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Pitt ranked at No. 25 in Collegiate Baseball Poll ... but can't gain respect in others

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Bob Levey

I wasn't surprised when Pitt climbed back into the Collegiate Baseball Poll, moving up to No. 25 after a 4-0 week including a sweep of No. 16 Notre Dame. But I was pretty shocked when I took a look at the other major polls out there where the Panthers didn't get much respect.

The National Collegiate Baseball Writers poll laughingly still ranked the Irish (No. 29) and left Pitt out. Perfect Game didn't have Pitt ranked or even in their next five teams to watch. Pitt did get votes in the USA Today poll (five) ... but Notre Dame got the same amount. The Panthers also didn't get into the Baseball America poll.

We've all made fun of the basketball and football polls after a lower-ranked team beats a higher-ranked one and still sits behind them in the rankings, but that's understandable at times if other factors are at play. And in those sports, most of the time we're talking about a single game. But Notre Dame coming ahead of Pitt in some of these polls is truly weird. Pitt has five fewer losses than Notre Dame and just swept them winning three straight. How could they still be ranked behind them?

If Pitt can't get recognition yet due to their weak schedule so far, that's one thing - I can understand them not appearing in rankings. But for anyone to slot the Irish still ahead of the Panthers borders on lunacy (at least to someone who only casually follows the sport).

Would love to hear more from someone a bit more in the know on this.

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