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Weekly Open Thread (4/29/13)


Had a thought the other day - often times news happens and due to regular jobs, our guys may not be able to get to it if it happens during the day. In addition, you may have a link to a Pitt-related story that should be brought to everyone's attention. Or maybe you want to comment on something totally unrelated to one of the posts we have up.

Heck, maybe you've got an incredible gif that's not even Pitt-related. That's cool, too.

I give you the daily open thread.

Just like a gamethread, this will remain open for you to readily drop your comments, thoughts, links, etc. And the good thing is we'll have a new one up each day and it will be left up all day long. Think of it as a message board, but with a little more functionality since every topic covered is in the same place and you can reply just as easily to specific comments.

So with that, here's the first crack at the open thread. I'm putting this one up a bit later, but will start subsequent ones at midnight each day for the next time that news breaks in the middle of the night.

We'll see how this goes. If there's no interest, we'll yank it. But it might be a good idea for all those 'miscellaneous' items that happen during the course of a day.

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