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Pitt football recruiting on a roll: Tackle Mike Herndon picks Pitt

Jared Wickerham

Someone make the recruiting stop - we're running out of Paul Chryst photos.

Chryst is at it again. Up next for Pitt's 2014 recruiting class is Mike Herndon from Virginia:

Peak says that while he is listed as an OT on Rivals' site, he is being recruited as a DT. He also notes that he plays MLB in high school and is, well, quite large. See the video below for some good perspective:

Mike Herndon 2012 Football Highlights (via Chris Casto)

Herndon is a three-star kid according to Rivals. Rivals also calls him the 26th best recruit in the state and 52nd best offensive lineman in the nation. This is the only Scout page I see for him and they don't have him ranked. 24/7 gives him two stars. The Panthers reportedly beat out Virginia Tech and UConn to get him.

Without knowing the specifics, grabbing a Virginia kid out of the clutches of the Hokies as Pitt is headed to the ACC this year seems like it's a big plus. Knocking off MAC teams for kids is one thing - beating a major college football program for a kid in their own state is quite another.

Pitt has been cleaning up quite a bit in case you've missed it. Coming into this week, there was a lot of complaining about the recruiting class, but with six commits over the past three days, that should be coming to an end. It's true that some of the guys aren't highly regarded, but Pitt has added some quality guys and gotten one of their big targets for the year in Michael Grimm, too.

Things are definitely looking up.

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